A Bartender Tip : A Drink Equals to My Daily Energy

This is my personal story where I will reveal my drink provides me with a best dose of daily energy. You know that most people various methods to get the daily dose of mental energy but I am old school guy and unique way I get my energy that is through a special glass of drink while I am free during my bartending job.

I bartended to my professional career both high school and undergraduate and something about the job stuck with me. I felt alive while I am a bar. Even some of the friends had the same experience. However there wasn’t much money at the start, and it made to go back to my corporate job, My people in my life also kept on pushing me from becoming a professional bartender in the USA.

However, I like few aspects of a bartending gig such as:

Always had new and returning customers which I want to think them as friends because most often they pour their heart out to me. You wouldn’t believe me the number of names I had to remember every day. However, I was so happy that’s why even I kept notepad under the counter to make me remember during hard days.

I also love to see what kind of drink each one of them chose because it fun time because I like to create a list of people characteristics and their choice.

I sometimes get great joy if a regular customer brings on a date or companion. I treat he/she extra special because it will give pride in front another person who is looking to impress. It also provides exquisite pleasure to see how my regular customer handles in the bar in front of the guest.

Another thing I picked in my bartending job is the amount of exciting and fresh jokes; I also admit that sometimes jokes are lame however it always a great conversation starter.

Try to bond with first timers who are alone because it will make to come to the bar and ask for specially. However, sometimes it’s good advice to understand they are not your best buddies or not now but they are customers who are looking to get a drink.

Final personal advice never gets in relationships with your customers because it may come back to you to haunt.

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