Hmmm, Chef Chadwick? I’m not really a trained chef. Chef Chadwick comes from a nickname given to me by my niece given my enjoyment in cooking.

I have always enjoyed the finer things in life. When I say finer, I mean things like spending time with family, playing a musical instrument, creating wonderful meal, and of course, nice shoes. My wonderful wife is no different and creates amazing art and nurtures our two wonderful kids. If you want to know, my full-time gig is kitchen appliances retailer.

This blog is almost an accountability to keep an account of my journey through the Le Cordon Bleu Home cookbook. Though I am sure I will deviate at times, my goal is to create every lesson until I finish the book. Hopefully, in that time I’ll have a little better feel for the kitchen and maybe learn a bit more about myself. I am an amateur but I have always enjoyed the kitchen and the the way food brings our family together.

I hope you enjoy reading and can maybe learn something new. But really, I hope you can learn to live life to the fullest through easy and hard times. And, food makes that a little easier on both ends

Best regards,