After Soup, There’s Hummus On A Cold Winter Day

Hummus at Work!

Yes I know. Not many people think of hummus on a cold winter day. I mean, hummus is usually a cold dish. But let me put it into context.

I’ve got two awesome boys, René and Charles. Life is great and cheery as long as a cold doesn’t hit the house. But when the colds hit, the cranky level goes a bit through the roof. This is especially true when I share in the cold that these two wonderful children bring into my life.

I hate not working. I really enjoy life and what I do. If I don’t work, then I get miserable. If I don’t work because I am sick, then, well, you can just imagine. Yesterday was that day. I was home sick and slept for almost 24 hours. I have to hand it to my wife for keeping the house sane. Remember, both my boys are sick as well and we have to constantly worry about our oldest because of asthma when he is sick.

Oh yeah, back to the hummus. I had soup beginning Tuesday night and all through the day yesterday. There is only so much soup you can take in a 48 hour period. Well, as I began to feel better this morning, I remembered the large can of chickpeas just waiting to be used.

Hence, a wonderful hummus came out of our new Ninja blender for work tonight (as you can see in the photo). Having a slightly spicy hummus on a snowy 5 degree day is nothing but wonderful after about a gallon of soup. And yes, I do wash my carrots but don’t always see the need to peel them.

I can’t give a recipe because it was eyeballed this morning. Two cups of chickpeas, juice from one lemon, some red pepper, 3 tablespoons of tahini (what’s hummus without tahini), olive oil, and some salt and pepper. I add the oil and some water to create the consistency I want as I blend. So for those of you tired of soup on a Winter day, go for the hummus . . . especially if you’ve been sick.

UPDATE: I forgot to include one of my favorite Winter pieces for this post. Therefore, here it is in all its glory, the 1st Movement of Winter by Antonio Vivaldi. Great to listen to if you need to cook in a hurry!

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