Kitchen Cleaning 101 : Why, How & Checklist

My name is Briggs, and I am a woman who sincerely enjoys cooking. I love to prepare tasty, unique recipes or dishes in free time for my cute little kids and ever-adorable husband. I still remember, my passion for making foods started right at the small kitchen when we moved on to LA. It was not the high-tech designer type kitchen I was expecting but still decent enough for my needs.

The first massive challenge for me was to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. It is one of the most commonly used areas of the entire house, only next to the living room and master bedroom. While cooking was my major score, I do show lots of interest in cleaning the kitchen area.

Below, I shared my little story on how I found out the importance of kitchen cleaning. I promise it will be an interesting read and worth your time. Not only that, later in this article, but I will also reveal my top 11 kitchen cleaning tips and tricks with you. So keep on reading for more useful information.


I am a kind of a perfectionist when it comes to keeping things organized and tidy that led one to my neighbor named Margaret to prompt a visit to the house. She said to me, “Hey, Briggs, you have such a beautiful clean home, but the best part is I like your kitchen the most despite being on the shorter side compared to mine.” She said her experience with the kitchen is not as pleasant as mine mainly because of her tight work schedules and busy life.

She went on to ask me two critical questions that are can you explain the “importance of kitchen” and “how to do kitchen cleaning the simple but still smart way.” I am no real professional adviser but do have lots of experience, tips, and trial-and-error memories, which I have learned from my time in the kitchen.

Then I explained everything from A-Z of keeping the kitchen clean and educating the importance of it not just for the sake of preparing daily meals. It took me an hour or so to teach her everything I know at my disposal. Finally, she was pleased and kept thanking me for my advice.


After a couple of days, she phoned me to convey she started to like her kitchen more than ever now and even tried out some entirely new recipes that worked out to perfection. Like a fairy tale, it is a happy ending both for her and me.

But that is not all then came in the question in my mind what if I write an article about it. So let me start by explaining how to maintain the kitchen cleanliness below and then share my kitchen cleaning tips and tricks to make life easier for you.


  1. Avoid Foodborne Illness: Probably the biggest worry about kitchen cleanliness is the foodborne illness because of cross-contamination or spoilage. It is the #1 consequence you may have frequently faced due to not maintaining a cleaner kitchen. Also, it backed with a U.S. Centers for Disease Control report, which says millions of such cases reported every year. So, it does matter if you have infants or teenagers around. The primary causes of this type of illness are not washing hands in between, using the same cutting board for vegetables and meats, not disposing of spoiled food appropriately, etc.
  2. Save Energy: You should have the mindset to conserve energy whenever possible. Wasting resources such as electricity, gas, or water not only will double or triple your utility bills but also does not set an excellent example for the upcoming generation, particularly your children. The standard kitchen appliances we can associate with this situation are a refrigerator, electric chimney, microwave or stove, dishwasher, and so on.
  3. Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals: You may have to deal with harmful germs from using harsh chemicals for household use. While I agree, the kitchen area got dirty and dusted instantly, but it is not an excuse for using heavy-duty cleaning agents that contain active chemicals. We humans are not immune to such products thus recommend to opt for a more natural option, for example, white vinegar.
  4. Watch Out For Embarrassment: You might have a tidy living room and assume you got women guests or friends over for having company. Practically, they are not going to be there seated quiet and beautiful until you prepare last-minute dishes for them. They will pay a visit to your kitchen often to engage or maybe crack a joke and have a fun time. However, what if you have a dirty, untidy, not organized cooking area? Would not it be a big embarrassment? Yes, it will. Life can be unpredictable at times. Ask yourself, are you prepared for that moment because it can make or break your reputation in split seconds.
  5. Extend Your Appliances Life: You know little grease or dust is not going to destroy your counter-top and under-counter appliances, but do not let it get you fooled. Have you ever thought about the pollution effect on the machine’s efficiency and lifespan? If not, you better understand performance means extended life. It not only applies to big stuff but also everyday appliances such as food processor, garbage disposal, coffeemaker, range hood, toaster, dishwasher, and so on.
  6. Manage Food Efficiently: Managing food items of any type is what I feel one of the essential skills a woman or housewife should master. You should not waste or spoil foods due to poor management skills. IN-depth refrigerator and cupboard inspection suggested for better storage of packed and non-packed items.
  7. Keeping Safe: If you think only cleaning is necessary, you better think twice. Be sure to remain safe, particularly when it comes to the kitchen. It is one place where sharp objects, water, electricity, and high heat all come together. The best possible approach to control this environment is to keep it organized and clean. It will prevent you from making any silly mistakes that can put you on the edge of a dangerous and emergency.
  8. Plan Your Tasks: I am a woman who appreciates a good sense of time management when it comes to food preparation. You should learn to manage available time to maximum application. Breakdown your chores into segments and allow room for entertainment as well. Do not adopt a rush approach as it will lead to a stressed working environment and idle working mindset.
  9. Do Not Waste Foods: How many times you heard your mother or husband yelling at you, “Dear, do not waste food.” In fact, in my early times at cooking, my mom used to say the same thing for me. At that point, it was irritating and annoying, but now I understand the meaning behind it. Every single food counts are it a fruit, vegetable and are sure to discard spoiled or rotten foods.
  10. Be an Inspiration for Your Children: I assume you heard the phrase “lead by example” that same thing you can apply to kitchen cleanliness. Do you expect your kids to follow proper cleaning habits late in life if you are currently being a bad example of not giving importance to the kitchen? What they see is what they will do in the future, so push the extra mile to maintain hygiene kitchen cleaning habits. Follow it as religiously as you can. It will make your life less hectic in the later part of life when you get older.


In this section, I will explain the top 11 cleaning tips which I have learned throughout my kitchen lifetime. Looking back at the time, I feel how drastically I have improved in the kitchen maintenance compared to the first day of cooking.

It took me several months to learn everything the hard way. However, that should not mean you should also do the same way. Fortunately, here I am sharing the best of the best tips I learned in a matter of minutes to you. It is a blessing in disguise for any woman. Remember, it is a step-by-step guide so better off if you read one-by-one instead of jumping from one tip to another. Without further ado, let me explain it one by one.


Many people, including myself at my earlier cooking stages has a habit of cleaning only the common areas and appliances in the kitchen and skip the rest for once and all. I think knobs or perhaps handles are frequently touched or used by the members of your entire family. So, it is no wonder they get super germy, leading to disease-causing bacteria.

Therefore, my advice is to clean the handles of the dishwashers, doors, refrigerators, for instance, using cleaning liquid may be the one from Mr. Clean brand on Amazon. Always do this routine at night only.


Freshening up the garbage disposal is a trick that many people tend to overlook. While it is a primary function is to get rid of the food wastes, but still, it can leave some chunks of pieces behind. You can try out a couple of home cleaners such as cold water and citrus rinds or ice cubes and white vinegar. This method initially recommended by Martha Stewart, a celebrity chef.


Nearly every house has a dishwasher, and one thing you need to understand is it is not a “throw in everything at me, and I will wash it for you” type appliance. You should be mindful of what to put inside for a spin. You must not put sharp kitchen knives, particularly one with wooden handles inside the dishwasher.

If you do so, it can deteriorate the lifespan and dull the knife. I recommend hand washes your expensive knives, excluding any silverware to retain their sharpness permanently.


I know general kitchen cleaning accessories such as brooms, paper towels, and vacuum cleaners can get most of the tasks done. However, these may not be suited when you want to wash a narrow or hard to reach or edges in your shelves, that is the reason I recommend a light power pressure washer since pressure washer will eject water in a fast rate it will enable me to wash down these things pretty quickly.

I recommend trying a pressure washer mainly to clean your kitchen exhaust hood. Choose a light-duty power washer that is under 2000 PSI. It is enough for your daily kitchen cleaning activities.

I have used a handful of power washers in the past. So below, I prepared a quick list of the top 5 pressure washers based on my research.


You may assume kitchen cleaning means only cleaning things inside the kitchen area, but it is wrong. Cleaning your reusable grocery bag is way more important than you think. You should either sanitize or wash it frequently, as it can act as germ magnets.
I recommend to wrap the raw meat within a plastic bag then keep it inside the reusable bag to avoid leakage. It is best practice to use it only for groceries related items. You can take out an all-purpose cleaner and spray inside out and then let it air dry.


I would suggest adopting a top-down cleaning approach. First, clean your upper (floating) sections of the kitchen, for example, mounted cupboards. Then clean the sink and bottom-mounted dish drawer. Finally, vacuum your floor with a steam mop or even a corded vacuum cleaner if you have one.

You may think cleaning the floor is a straightforward task. However, it is more complicated. A recent study reveals that most people mainly Americans use paper towels, brooms, or sponges to clean the kitchen appliances and some parts of flooring. While these cleaning tools get the job done, they are more time-consuming, creating an inconvenience factor, and replacements could be expensive unless you buy in bulk.

What is the solution? I believe maybe a vacuum cleaner, probably a cordless or small vacuum type will come in handy. These devices can look expensive at first sight but prove to be the right investment with time.


We humans cannot survive without water, and drinking clean water is essential, as you know. Most of you might have a water pitcher. However, how often do you take an effort to replace its filter? It may lie somewhere between little to nothing. I suggest changing it to standard once every two months, or you can follow the manufacturer guidelines of the particular model you bought.


Sometimes you may have all the necessary supplies to clean the kitchen, but they all may not be in one place, and accessing them gets frustrating. Proper kitchen maintenance means having things at your disposal when you need them the most. There is no time to be wasted.

So what you can do it on your counter, keep all things such as hand soap, kitchen rag, dish soap, paper towel, and kitchen scrubber together. Even corralling these items within a round plate seems a great option to keep it organized.


In my personal opinion, the kitchen sink is one of the heavily used spots of the kitchen. However, many completely ignore to deep clean it at least once a week or so. It contains more germs than your toilet flush, according to recent research.

I suggest making use of warm water and mild soap to wipe off the sink’s basin using a clean sponge following a dishwasher session. You can use a Scotch-Brite scrub sponge on amazon to clean the edges of the sinkhole delicately.


By now, you probably have understood most of the kitchen cleaning basics from garbage disposal to floor cleaning. However, what about cooking utensils maintenance work. They say, “change is the only constant.” It is true for utensils. They need to get either repaired or modified, often depending on the situation. If proper cleaning is necessary, go-ahead with full force to complete it.
Inspect for possible issues such as cracks, holes, material fading, and discoloration. Be mindful of what types of utensils you use on certain sensitive kitchen appliances. I advise doing a routine check if everything is okay before starting food preparation.


Last but not least, I think you deserve a motivation tip to wake up the cleaning soul inside you. You should put your heart and soul into any work you do; it applies to kitchen cleaning as well. Do not think it as a daily chore if you, then it could be annoying, create laziness, and make you feel stressed. Take kitchen cleaning as a challenge and move ahead.

Maintaining a clean kitchen can even bring lots of appreciation from your loved ones, family members, friends, and peace of mind to you. This same motto inspired myself to become a better and responsible woman and educate others on what I have learned so far in my journey. I think there is no end to this education as I keep learning new things every day. It is a matter of time only before you start to clean the kitchen like an expert and shine, among others.



  • Wipe any spills or leakages you spot
  • Wash your plates and utensils following every meal
  • Swap out your paper towels or sponges if necessary
  • Use the dishwasher as required
  • Sweep your floor thoroughly
  • Wipe down under your stove top, kitchen counters, and tables
  • Empty your garbage disposal collected chunks at the corners and also clear your trash can


  • Arrange your foods stored in the drawer counter
  • Do refrigerator maintenance, for example, loading and unloading food items based on their status
  • Flush your kitchen sink with warm water and mild soap
  • Mop or vacuum your kitchen floor deeply
  • Be sure you have enough stock of cleaning items at disposal


  • Document your current progress for next month to analyze
  • Clean your espresso or coffee machine
  • Update your food inventories and stocks in no particular order
  • Clean your dishwasher inside out and check if any metal part exists there
  • Be sure you adopt a strict pest control strategy to prevent food from spoiling
  • Clean your oven, toaster, or microwave if necessary
  • Inspect your under cabinet lighting’s and other fixtures around the kitchen for possible dust accumulation
  • Replace your water pitchers or Reverse Osmosis System’s filter
  • Wash all your essential kitchen appliances carefully with a soft paper or cloth towel
  • Clean your refrigerator entirely from top to bottom using a cleaning liquid or a soap


In conclusion, this article is all about explaining everything right from the basics to advanced strategies with a bonus kitchen cleaning checklist as well. I was able to put together everything I learned from my experience in this article. I even mentioned the top 11 guaranteed tips and tricks and applied it in your environment, and you will see a huge difference.

As I said earlier, I am no real pro at kitchen maintenance, but what I have discussed can undoubtedly help you out to come out of the hassle and be a better and responsible woman or housewife. Do I miss any kitchen-cleaning trick? Share your working tip with me using the comment section below. I would like to hear from you, as well.

Anyways, thanks in advance for checking out this article and all the best with your kitchen cleaning and maintenance journey. Kudos from Briggs and see my homepage for refreshing and delicious recipes.

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