Why Do I Need A Safe & Why I Keep It On Kitchen?

Hi to all this is Briggs, and in this post, I thought to discuss the safes to keep in the home and kitchen as well. I decided to share my experience because many of my readers e-mailed me frequently to have my opinion on this topic.

I prefer to keep my safe in the kitchen than other familiar places such as a bedroom or living room because it provides me that “X-factor” or “element of surprise” or whatever you call it.

I store not only my handgun but also some other valuable things, relevant documents, jewels, keys, and so on. I am going to talk about the various aspects of safes below, so it will be worth the shot.


  • I think the first thing you must understand is the importance of having a safe in your household. The one statement that comes to my mind is “prevention is better than cure” Listed below are a few of the risks I can think of right off the bat if you ignore a safe.
  • I am not surprised by the fact theft of things is the most significant risk of not having a safe. As you already know, it is evident if you do not own the safe odds are double or triple for things to get either stolen or robbed. Also, it leads to many home break-in situations.
  • I think your home will lose that special protection feeling if you overlook safes. I agree not all are unbreakable or unmovable, but it will at least provide that extra time for you to react in a break-in situation.
  • I heard many people say they have installed fool-proof alarm systems throughout the house, so a safe is not necessary. However, that is a wrong assumption. I believe loud alarms can quickly notify you something is unusual, but at the same time, it will also alert the thief as well. Imagine your weapons get exposed to the hands of intruders; it can be disastrous, and the last thing you do not want to happen.
  • I feel you will miss the opportunity to keep all the essential things in one place rather than multiple locations. You may think diversifying your valuables storage is smart without keeping these inside a safe.
  • In some instances, it can backfire you as well. Nowadays, clever are smarter than you think and know all the typical locations where people hide their things. They more or less hate to see a single safe, which is unbreakable than things spread out.
  • You can hide things in your best possible spots without keeping them inside a safe. However, think of what will happen if your little kids were playing around and suddenly spotted your hideout and got to access things such as guns and documents. Just guess yourself how worse things can get for you. No matter wherever you hide it, there is always a “0.1” risk associated with it by default. It is where safes come handy. They know the location of it but cannot crack it. What option feels safe? Decide for yourself.


  • Above I have explained the potential risks you may have to face if you ignore a safe. In this section, I will discuss with you what are the excellent qualities of a safe to be placed in the kitchen.
  • I would say the kitchen is the most under-rated place to keep a safe, but it is an excellent place to have one. I chose this location to keep my safe. It works for me and will for you as well. Listed below are some of the good qualities of a kitchen safe, which I think is essential.
  • I recommend you to select either a small or medium-sized safe that is not too tall and can fit inside your shelves, under counter space, and countertop slide-in panels. Make it easy to access but yet concealed for safety purposes.
  • I strongly advise buying only waterproof and fireproof safes to keep in your kitchen. You know, without water and fire, the kitchen is like a body without a heart and blood. The safe should be able to withstand these elements and protect things inside the safe. Check for the duty rating as well.
  • I do not have anything against a biometric safe but doubt its practicality in the cooking area. You may face issues with fingerprint scanning because your hands are not 24/7 clean at the kitchen. As an alternative, you can consider a keypad-based or lock-and-open with key-based models. These are not based entirely on electricity, so it could make things easier for you.
  • I advise you to buy a safe cheap to the mid-price range and not invest in a highly expensive model. I know most of you think costly means better. However, you forget the fact safes get more significant when you buy high-end models. Practically, you cannot keep such a big safe in the kitchen, and it does not make any sense at all. Cheaper safes are compact and fit even in the smallest places snugly just like a newborn in a car seat.
  • How many times I see people going crazy if something breaks out and only to find it did not have a warranty. You better watch out for damage or defect since the kitchen is subject to wear and tear, where natural elements come together. Look for a safe that has at least one or 2-year manufacturer warranty. This little inspection can save you lots of time and money.


That is it from me on this topic. I have explained everything you need to know about safes and their application in the kitchen. I shared these details based on my research and my own findings only. I am a woman who appreciates the mantra, the safer the home, the happier it is.

I have taken this small step of safety so as you should now for your household. Love not to hate safes and make it part of your life. It is only for the betterment of your loved ones, family members, and kids.

Thank you for reading my post and feel free to share this awareness with others as well. With that point, let me wind up this article.

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